OT - Irony

I am off the stitching topic today.  While shopping with my daughter yesterday, I picked up a publication at the check out of Bed, Bath, and Beyond called "Real Simple, Life Made Easier, A Month of Easy Dinners".  I took a few minutes away from my keyboard this morning to take a peek, as I planned a trip to the grocery store, hoping for some inspiration.
I started turning the pages, expecting a few advertisements before the recipes.  On page 60, I finally stopped, fanned it from the back, and looked for a glimpse of the recipes.  Believe it or not, on page 238 to page 249 of a 335 +/- publication, I found that for which I searched!  For someone with a slightly shorter attention span, this did not produce any clues to an easy dinner.  I did mark the page with the handy subscription card that conveniently fell out while I fanned and will keep this handy for the next time I seek culinary inspiration!
Lesson:  Fan through before purchase next time! ~and~ there is no easy dinner solution for today!

The Stitchers Village

Welcome to the official blog of The Stitchers' Village. http://stitchersvillage.org

First order of business is to introduce the Sampler Project which started in July 2011 and is intended to be an ongoing project so that all new members of TSV can participate.  for information:  CLICK

Here is a photo of the first sections joined:

The project is currently being stored on an Images Stitchery Doodle Frame.  I am working on an upgrade stand for when the project outgrows this.  

It's a great day, even though I seem to be in the re-do mode lately for my stitching.  I am working on the fourth canvas design in preparation for the upcoming online wholesale show and it has been easy to remove the stitches.  Uses a bit more thread, but not much time.  I am wondering if there is something different about the color process for the canvas I am using "Levantine Blue".  I have had to use shorter and shorter lengths of thread because it seems to be fraying on this canvas.  Interesting, but aggravating.  
As usual for me, I am working on more than one project at a time.  I did finish a section for the Sampler Project for "Moonflower Designs".  I kept that one simple.   I have had moonflowers blooming on my deck recently.  I usually try to plant some in a large planter every year.  I haven't gotten outside to take a night picture, but took some one morning.  They make me smile!