It's a great day, even though I seem to be in the re-do mode lately for my stitching.  I am working on the fourth canvas design in preparation for the upcoming online wholesale show and it has been easy to remove the stitches.  Uses a bit more thread, but not much time.  I am wondering if there is something different about the color process for the canvas I am using "Levantine Blue".  I have had to use shorter and shorter lengths of thread because it seems to be fraying on this canvas.  Interesting, but aggravating.  
As usual for me, I am working on more than one project at a time.  I did finish a section for the Sampler Project for "Moonflower Designs".  I kept that one simple.   I have had moonflowers blooming on my deck recently.  I usually try to plant some in a large planter every year.  I haven't gotten outside to take a night picture, but took some one morning.  They make me smile!

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