OT - Irony

I am off the stitching topic today.  While shopping with my daughter yesterday, I picked up a publication at the check out of Bed, Bath, and Beyond called "Real Simple, Life Made Easier, A Month of Easy Dinners".  I took a few minutes away from my keyboard this morning to take a peek, as I planned a trip to the grocery store, hoping for some inspiration.
I started turning the pages, expecting a few advertisements before the recipes.  On page 60, I finally stopped, fanned it from the back, and looked for a glimpse of the recipes.  Believe it or not, on page 238 to page 249 of a 335 +/- publication, I found that for which I searched!  For someone with a slightly shorter attention span, this did not produce any clues to an easy dinner.  I did mark the page with the handy subscription card that conveniently fell out while I fanned and will keep this handy for the next time I seek culinary inspiration!
Lesson:  Fan through before purchase next time! ~and~ there is no easy dinner solution for today!

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