2 Sampler Projects received

I seem to receive the project sections in pairs.  What a nice surprise in the mail yesterday - Val Baker and Rita Safford's sections arrived.  They can now be viewed on the project sampler page -CLICK  I try to keep to a "system" for making the images and information for each section received so that they are up as quickly as possible and can be viewed.  They are photographed, posted to the slideshow, made into a pdf, posted to the web page for the project,  the photos are posted here in the social area, the pdf put into the project notebook, and then the section is sewn to join to the project.  Not hugely time consuming, but I am one who prefers to have my process to follow for a project to be certain I do not forget something.
I have also added a chart pdf to be used as a design for a sampler project section.  It is based on the graphics of the cottages on the mail Stitchers' Village site and includes an alphabet for personalization of a section.  The link is on the sampler project page.
The chat with Thea Dueck from The Victoria Sampler Tuesday night was a great success.  Thea was pleased with her time spent among the Villagers.   Her time and participation was greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all those who made her feel welcome.

Sampler Project - chart

I spent the majority of the morning creating a cross stitch chart to be used for The Stitchers' Village Sampler Project.  I know that many are not at ease creating their own designs for stitching.  So, I took the general look of the houses on the main TSV site and created a house and am providing an alphabet to use.  I hope that stitchers will utilize the alphabet to add a personal statement to their project sections, or at least their name, location, and date completed. Click here:  MY HOUSE  They are also free to make the house any color combination that they wish.  I hope that this will help more to finish their sections.  Remember, the information on The Stitchers' Village Sampler Project can be found at http://www.otwd.net/Samplerproject.htm

Cleveland Visit

We visited our daughter and son-in-law in Cleveland this weekend and had a wonderful time.  While there, I visited the Wool and Willow needlework shop.  They have two needlepoint canvas trunk shows going on and I really enjoyed seeing the hand-painted canvases.  I purchased one small Tang horse canvas for a friend.  Otherwise, I had a very difficult time choosing one to stitch for myself.  I wanted a 5x7 size but could not find one that I fell in love with so I decided not to make a purchase for myself.  I think it was a matter of too many to choose from.
The weekend restaurants we visited were Maggianos, Pier W, and Parallax for the evenings and 2 trips to Corky and Lennys for lunch.  All were excellent choices but Maggianos was the one I insisted we go to on Thursday as I was craving their chopped salad.  I have made it at home but it is more fun to have it at the restaurant.
Also this weekend the online needlework show was open.  I did not have much chance to go through it, so that will be on my agenda for today.

The trouble with organizing. . .

While looking for the perfect piece of fabric for a project, I decided it was time to organize and catalog what I have on hand.  This, I know, is a very good idea.  I found several pieces of fabric that remind me of design ideas that I have not yet completed.  I was re-inspired by some of the beautiful pieces.  The down side - inspiration has not yet come together and I do not have the time free at the moment to create.  I will share one of the sources of inspiration that I kept out of my stash to admire.  It is a Picture This Plus color named "Tempest".

October Newsletter

The October "Stitchers' Voice" is in the newspaper office for viewing.  If you have a Victoria Sampler project going, that is the subject of the Stitch Along this month, so be sure to post your project in the Forum discussion.  Then, be sure to join in on October 25 when Thea Dueck will host a chat!  The Halloween event will be slightly different this year.  That information will be posted in the mid-month email!
If you do computer graphic work, you understand the time involved in that effort.  I did manage to get the Village changed to Autumn and just for the fun of it, put some of the trees from the main site as background for the social area.  I heard recently that the color yellow makes people anxious, so out with the yellow background!! Don't need anyone anxious while visiting The Stitchers' Village.
Have a great day!!