October Newsletter

The October "Stitchers' Voice" is in the newspaper office for viewing.  If you have a Victoria Sampler project going, that is the subject of the Stitch Along this month, so be sure to post your project in the Forum discussion.  Then, be sure to join in on October 25 when Thea Dueck will host a chat!  The Halloween event will be slightly different this year.  That information will be posted in the mid-month email!
If you do computer graphic work, you understand the time involved in that effort.  I did manage to get the Village changed to Autumn and just for the fun of it, put some of the trees from the main site as background for the social area.  I heard recently that the color yellow makes people anxious, so out with the yellow background!! Don't need anyone anxious while visiting The Stitchers' Village.
Have a great day!!

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