Adapting to my floor stand

While looking to choose a WIP to work on for the 2012 project on The Stitchers' Village, I brought my floor stand out of the corner and slid it against the sofa in my work room to get it out of my way.  I generally sit in a chair to stitch and have not gotten into the habit of using the floor stand as it makes me feel "trapped" in my chair.  It never seems to fail that, the moment I am in my seat and stitching, I have to go and do something elsewhere.  I find it an annoyance to move the stand to get up from the chair.  This morning, however, the light bulb over my head lit up.  If I sit on the sofa with the floor stand, I can leave it in place and scoot out from behind it.  No, I am really not that dense.  My opinion of the floor stand was formed long ago when I had a very different room situation for stitching.  Today I have options and have just now realized the advantages.   I will definitely give the floor stand a try for stitching and not use it strictly for a display device.