Site issues

There have been some issues with the main TSV site.  The server moved and I needed to contact my domain company (which I did) to make the changes.  I found that things were still not working this morning, so I have again "corrected" the problem.  Hopefully, it truly is and everything will work as it should. 

In the social area the Forum discussion "What are You Stitching" has apparently reached it's maximum capacity.  When we got to 145 pages of replies, it started having issues.  So, we have started a new discussion for 2012 and hopefully, it will continue to be as popular.

Mental Note to Self

With a long day ahead, I found it difficult to sleep last night.  While trying to relax, among all that was going through my mind, "Mental Note to Self" popped in there and then just a quick few entries:

Mental Note to Self:

Shhhhh! I'm trying to sleep

Turn that off, I don't like that song

Stop chanting!

What are you counting?