Village Sampler and Medallion

The first in a new series of designs from Moonflower Designs is complete.  "Village Sampler and Medallion" are designed to represent friendship.  Embellished with a few specialty stitches, this sampler features houses and flowers in the border and a community framed by a rainbow.  “Welcome” is the first necessary message for the first of this series which will be accompanied by a medallion design.  This medallion, with the houses for the border and hearts and flowers they contain, will make a wonderful exchange gift for a stitching group.  Done in Holiday colors, the medallion would also make a lovely tree ornament!

Village Series Designs

The Stitchers' Village has been a challenge for me since I purchased it in June 2010.  Particularly, the addition of the social module, which I have seen grow in membership and now work to enhance content.  Moonflower Designs, being my first venture, has taken a back seat in the past months.  I am now working to finalize a series of designs to celebrate The Stitchers' Village.  I offer here a sneak peek of "Village Welcome".  I truly enjoy my designing - especially when I finish one!!  What would your home be if you could reside in the Village?  I will offer a few ideas in some companion designs soon!  Thank you to all the members who participate and help make The Stitchers' Village a great community.  I sincerely admire all the stitchers who share their beautiful projects.

March in the Village

I attended the Nashville market last weekend and realize that I do not envy the shops.  It is an amazing collection of creative projects and products.  To select which to take back to a shop would be an unbelievably difficult task.  To spend the time going through and meeting the vendors and seeing all that is available is a physical and strategic challege.  Give your LNS owner a "thank you" next time you visit.
March Madness has begun in The Stitchers' Village.  The first act was to put the names of the group members from the "Blackbird Designs" group into a drawing.  Gabriele K's name was drawn to receive the Limited Edition Kit "Wild Garden" which was available in Nashville.
Expect some additional random drawings, maybe a contest, and general fun in the social area of TSV!