I spent Monday with my grandchildren and took them to swimming lessons.  It was an extremely hot afternoon, so we spent it indoors.  I had brought art supplies for them in the hopes that we could develop some interest.  At one point, my 4 year old told me "don't talk, I'm arting you", as she very intently worked on a drawing using the dry erase marker and board.

Drawing for Fabric Orphan

There is a discussion in the TSV social area forum which offers an opportunity to adopt this fabric orphan.  To be entered into the drawing, you must post an appeal and name the orphan.  This was done previously and the appeals were very creative!

Upcoming Fabric Orphan Adoption Opportunities

The fabric orphans are ready to go.  The first group is in the basket.  There will be 15 for the opening week. Marilyn of Picture This Plus fabrics and I are collaborating to bring back the fabric orphanage from a couple of years back that she held.  She is busy coming up with the new colors for next year, monthly autos, and dyeing the wonderful colors!  That means someone had to help her, so guess what I volunteered to do.  The first adoption opportunity is Wednesday, June 20, 2012.  It appears that we will have 6 to 8 weeks worth this time.  The page that will hold the link is  If you participated through PTP, you know that the orphans are adopted very quickly.  Don't miss out on having one of these in your home!