Final Fabric Orphan Adoption Preview

Sadly, tomorrow is the last fabric orphan adoption for now.  We are talking about maybe making it happen one weekend a month from here on out, we will have to see how the dyeing goes.  We really do not want orphans to happen!  Well, from the dyeing point of view, anyway.  So, here you go, and there are going to be 18 this week!  Good luck.  Remember, they go quickly! is the main page for the adoption event.  The live link will be posted at 9 a.m. Central Time tomorrow, August 1, 2012.

Week 6 Preview

Oh, yes, let's not forget the Week 6 Fabric Orphan Adoption preview!!

3-Handed Stitching

I took a project with me to work on while babysitting my grandchildren.  My 4 year old granddaughter thought it was fun to help by pulling the needle through on either side of the stitching.  Of course, she accidentally pulled the needle off the thread a couple of times.  Here is the project we finished - Bent Creek's "Halloween Moon".  I used DMC threads.

Week 5 Orphan Preview

Here is the preview for the fabric orphans for July 18, 2012!  Enjoy!  Remember, they go very quickly and it opens at 9 a.m. Central Time.  To view them, the main page is and there will be a link to the adoption page when it opens.

Week 4 Fabric Orphan Sneak Peek

Here are the fabric orphans for the 4th adoption opportunity which opens at 9:00 a.m. Central Time on July 11, 2012.  For info, go to

Remember, after tomorrow, the final three adoption opportunities are
July 18, 2012
July 25, 2012
and the final one is on August 1, 2012

all will begin at 9:00 a.m. Central Time with the link going live from the main adoption page listed above.

Have fun!!

Good Old Summertime!

We realized, at about 9:30 last night, that the air conditioner in our house was not working.  Sleep was not too uncomfortable, but with the temperature expected to reach 102 today, I hope the repair man makes it here soon.  They said late morning or early afternoon.  I will cross my fingers and keep the lights and any other heat producing electrical appliances turned off.  Fortunately, I do have a window here in my office/studio and it is in the basement so it is a bit cooler.
The fireworks were pretty last night.  I can see quite a display from my house.  I was startled a time or two by the size of some of the explosions from the next street over.  I don't know the laws on fireworks here in town, but it seemed as if some of those would be dangerous.  I know "progress" makes available some fireworks that would previously have only been for professional use.  Personally, I don't think it a great idea for the general public to be firing off such large things.  But then, I do not like to find the burned carcasses of fireworks on my deck and in my yard.  It concerns me because it is a fire hazard.  I know, I know - nothing happened, but you can only guarantee that after the fact.
I am packaging and labeling the fabric orphans to send on the way to their new homes.  That will keep me busy and cool for a little while.
There was a snafu on my shipment of the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  I called in my order prior to the deadline.  I should have used the form provided and sent an email, but I asked repeatedly if I needed to do anything else when I placed the order, so I felt confident.  I have not had any problems with orders before from Norden Crafts.  I wish I had called last week when I saw them post that the samplers were shipped.  It took me a few days, however, to realize that I had not received a shipping confirmation email.  I called on Tuesday and asked about my order.  There was no record.  Panic!!  They are out of the thread packs but have shipped the charts.  I hope the drawing and bingo winners will be patient with me.  I will check to see which threads are used in the first part of the sampler and see if I can supply some to get them started.  Live and learn.  My husband tells me all of the time that I should double check things.  He is a smart man.

Happy 4th of July!!

I am mixing up some Maggiano's Chop Salad for this evening.  I have the dressing in the refrigerator and am now chop, chop, chopping.  I think I'll make some guacamole, too!  Just a few of my favorite things!!  Hope everyone has a safe, wonderful Fourth of July!!

Fabric Orphanage Process

The 15 fabric orphans are all ready to go for tomorrow morning.  I have my process down now, and while I can't guarantee it will be smooth sailing, things should be in order.  I had already sorted all of them into the 7 weeks of 15 each so that I could distribute the colors and fabric types as evenly as possible.  So, each week, I take the 15 and press them a bit before photographing them.  I then name them, make their certificates (checking fabric type while I am at it) and fold and package them.  As I am ironing them, the thought goes through my head each time "that is really a pretty one" and can think of ways to use each of them in a project.  What might look good, what threads would be perfect, etc.  The point of this is that you are very fortunate that I let any of these out of my clutches!!  I thought I would give a preview of the 15 orphans for tomorrow morning.  I realize my blog is not widely followed, but perhaps I will gain a few faboholics so that they can get an early sneak peek at what will be up for adoption tomorrow!!