Fabric Orphanage Process

The 15 fabric orphans are all ready to go for tomorrow morning.  I have my process down now, and while I can't guarantee it will be smooth sailing, things should be in order.  I had already sorted all of them into the 7 weeks of 15 each so that I could distribute the colors and fabric types as evenly as possible.  So, each week, I take the 15 and press them a bit before photographing them.  I then name them, make their certificates (checking fabric type while I am at it) and fold and package them.  As I am ironing them, the thought goes through my head each time "that is really a pretty one" and can think of ways to use each of them in a project.  What might look good, what threads would be perfect, etc.  The point of this is that you are very fortunate that I let any of these out of my clutches!!  I thought I would give a preview of the 15 orphans for tomorrow morning.  I realize my blog is not widely followed, but perhaps I will gain a few faboholics so that they can get an early sneak peek at what will be up for adoption tomorrow!!

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