Good Old Summertime!

We realized, at about 9:30 last night, that the air conditioner in our house was not working.  Sleep was not too uncomfortable, but with the temperature expected to reach 102 today, I hope the repair man makes it here soon.  They said late morning or early afternoon.  I will cross my fingers and keep the lights and any other heat producing electrical appliances turned off.  Fortunately, I do have a window here in my office/studio and it is in the basement so it is a bit cooler.
The fireworks were pretty last night.  I can see quite a display from my house.  I was startled a time or two by the size of some of the explosions from the next street over.  I don't know the laws on fireworks here in town, but it seemed as if some of those would be dangerous.  I know "progress" makes available some fireworks that would previously have only been for professional use.  Personally, I don't think it a great idea for the general public to be firing off such large things.  But then, I do not like to find the burned carcasses of fireworks on my deck and in my yard.  It concerns me because it is a fire hazard.  I know, I know - nothing happened, but you can only guarantee that after the fact.
I am packaging and labeling the fabric orphans to send on the way to their new homes.  That will keep me busy and cool for a little while.
There was a snafu on my shipment of the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  I called in my order prior to the deadline.  I should have used the form provided and sent an email, but I asked repeatedly if I needed to do anything else when I placed the order, so I felt confident.  I have not had any problems with orders before from Norden Crafts.  I wish I had called last week when I saw them post that the samplers were shipped.  It took me a few days, however, to realize that I had not received a shipping confirmation email.  I called on Tuesday and asked about my order.  There was no record.  Panic!!  They are out of the thread packs but have shipped the charts.  I hope the drawing and bingo winners will be patient with me.  I will check to see which threads are used in the first part of the sampler and see if I can supply some to get them started.  Live and learn.  My husband tells me all of the time that I should double check things.  He is a smart man.

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