Nashville 2013

First, I must apologize for all the wonderful things I am not sharing with you because I was not able to get around the show as I wished.  You have to understand, that there is a lot of fun, catching up, silliness, um, I mean serious business going on.  Such as:
this is a part of the Praiseworthy Stitches display window.  When we first saw this raven he had fallen from his designated perch and was upside-down with his feet straight up (looked dead) so Marilyn suggested they put a flower in his claws (RIP) which they did and that is how he was most of the show until we wandered by and saw him dressed this way (resurrected).  And that is only the tip of the iceberg fun and silliness that is a market show!  Praiseworthy Stitches newest Quaker Virtue is Courage:
Now, if I put all the pictures I wanted of Nancy's Needle things, you would think she were paying me.  So, I am only going to show two of the ones I brought home for TSV prizes, "Robin Rendezvous" and "Holiday Tree IV".  She does such beautiful work, but how she can live with those helpers of hers is a mystery.  They are a full load!! (that means lots of fun).
Glendon Place was right next door to us and I had plenty of opportunity to pass by and admire her "Tiramisu", "Baked Alaska", and "Mixed Berry Cheesecake" which is the show LE design with LE thread from Dinky Dyes.  You can't imagine how lovely without seeing them in person.  
Rosewood Manor mesmerized me with one of the sections of her new "Winter Quakers".  Again, pictures do not do this justice.  I plan to stitch some of the individual quakers as ornaments.  I hope you get a chance to see this in person, but here is a picture I took.  
The Sweetheart Tree has some adorable little designs which include a silver charm:
I found Priscilla's Pocket is making some finishing products such as these little horn books to go along with a series of designs they have:
Foxwood Crossings has "Fruit of My Labor - Stitcher" that I thought was a must-have.Of course, the new colors from PTP are Bashful, Cyprium, Mesa, Mint, Mire, and Murky. (like trying to remember the seven dwarves names) with my favorites Cyprium and Mesa (ok, I like the sweet pink of Bashful even though I am not a pink person).  
It was a great time.  I am happy to be home.  I look forward to sharing some of these treasures with you as bingo prizes, drawing prizes, and whatever other nonsense we can think of!!