Limited Edition Ornament

I am finalizing the 2013 TSV LE Ornament Kit.  Here is a preview of the ornament which will have a very limited number available.  The kit will contain the 2 piece mat board frame, the 24 count congress cloth 4"x4", the charm and the chart.

Great Day!

The sky was so pretty this morning.  
I have all the fabric orphans photographed and the page ready to go for the event in the morning.  I am listing 25 which is the most I have done so far.  There are no lugana pieces, but a number of jazlyn.  The jazlyn is an evenweave with 5% more cotton than the lugana. To see the orphanage page, go to 
I also picked up some things from the Frame Warehouse.  I have a special Stitchers' Village ornament and Tanya cut the mats for them.
"See" you in the morning!!

Hearts of Gold

I have chosen the theme "Hearts of Gold" for the 2013 Holiday Season on The Stitchers' Village to honor the wonderful members who make it a warm, wonderful community!  Thank you all for participating and I hope our friendships continue to multiply and grow!  This will be the theme for the TSV Designs complimentary ornament this year, also!  I am working with several designers to make the "12 Days" event special!!  XO!!

Lost 1

I apologize for the confusion between the email I sent yesterday and the actual events and orphanage page.  I seem to have lost the "1" in the date for the fabric orphan adoption event in November.  It should have said November 16.  I did not re-send the email.  I have a fabric orphan email list of those that are particularly interested in these and will send them a notice later today to clarify things.
Speaking of email lists - I will also be catching up on my new registrations to The Stitchers' Village.  I have a process for merging them into the main email list.  This summer, I began sending out sections of the band fabric as a welcome in hopes of generating more sections.  I have gotten one!  I also received one back with a note explaining that she appreciated the thought, but would not have time to stitch one and was returning the fabric.  I have just gotten a new roll of the fabric, so I can resume sending these out into the universe hoping to get stitched sections back in the mail.
I order the band fabric from Fleur de Paris in California. They also distribute needlepoint canvases, so I get a little side-tracked when I visit their website.  But, I shall confess - it does not take much to side-track me.  I am looking at the opalescent raw linen Belfast.  I tried to scan it to share with you how pretty and gold sparkly it is, but the picture did not do it justice.  The picture actually looks pretty "blah".  Believe me, it is very Christmas ornament gold!

Ornament Stitching

After finalizing the November newsletter and sending the email to announce it, I am ready to stitch some ornaments.  I have a pretty piece of fabric (Zweigart Belfast, raw linen opalescent) that gives a very nice overall gold shimmer that should be perfect for some ornaments in my "to stitch" pile.  I made a quick trip to the grocery store this afternoon while it was not raining.  Unfortunately, it was raining very steadily when I came out of the store and I got pretty wet.  So, I am now warmed up and ready to put supper on and get comfortable and stitch.

2013 Halloween Drawings

There were hundreds of entries for the Halloween Page drawing and the lucky lady is Theresa M., of Hays, KS.  I have a system for these drawings which includes my lovely assistant choosing the winner. He loves to participate.  The prize package included Glendon Place's "Whooligans Hangout" with the special Fabric Flair fabric which has ghosts printed on it; Rosewood Manor's "Halloween Quilt Sampler"; Praiseworthy Stitches' "Widow Black's B&B"; Lizzie Kate's 2012 "Very Scary" Mystery Sampler with the fabric and threads.  These were all enclosed in a vinyl project bag and I slipped in a small section of band fabric and the information on the TSV Sampler project in hopes that Theresa will stitch a section for me.  After all, I ask for so little ; )
The drawing winner from the Online Needlework Show was Holly S. from Danville, PA.  She will receive Praiseworthy Stitches' "Widow Black's B&B".  I was surprised that there were so few entries from the online show.  The chances of winning that were pretty good with only 35 sending emails.

Sunflower Seed

I stopped by my LNS today "Sunflower Seed" and it is nearly empty.  It will be closing when the inventory is gone.  There are rumors of a buyer, but nothing official yet.  The wonderful designs from Anita of The Sunflower Seed design company, however, will be available through the shops of TSV.  She has a great spiral bound 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 book "Kansas Xmas" which has 10 of her farm themed and Kansas themed designs which are small enough to be made into ornaments.  You can see many of her designs HERE.


I spend a lot of time on the computer and stitching, obviously.  I have been having trouble with my right shoulder for the past few weeks and have been trying different things to make it better.  Have you every tried to change the way you sleep?  Not easy.  I think that may be part of the trouble.  The other thing I have done is to move my mouse to the left side of the keyboard and operate it with my left hand.  That is a huge challenge and so far amusing.  I will let you know when it gets to be an aggravation.  Maybe I will get better at it before the novelty wears off.  If nothing else, it is making my poor old brain work a little harder!!

Saturday In The Country

Garter SnakeSaturday was spent with my daughter and her family who live about an hour west of me.  It was my granddaughters birthday and my grandson had a football game.  We went to their house after the ball game.  At one point their dog was barking with purpose and this is what had caught his attention.  I did not realize that garter snakes had red tongues or that much red on them.   Fortunately, my daughter did not have a video camera running to capture my antics pretending to be a snake charmer while taking the picture.  It was a really little snake or I would not have gotten near it!

Maybe It's Too Cold


I sometimes hear the hot air balloons as they go over my house and like to take pictures if the view is good.  This evening, one landed on the next street over as I was taking pictures of it.  Hmmm. . . maybe it is too cold.

Oct 2013 Online Needlework Show

October 17, 2013 is the first day of the Online Wholesale Needlework Show.  Stitchers may view the show to see what is available and contact one of the TSV shops to order.  The show opens at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.  Many of the vendors have drawing prize opportunities.   CLICK HERE to visit the show

2013 Halloween Page

Things never seem to run smoothly when working on the web design.  I finally got the Halloween page up and running, however.  I had several people tell me that they could not play the mpg file in the fireplace, so I have replaced with with a flash file.  The message is the same.  I hope everyone enjoys the mini scavenger hunt and good luck to those entering the drawing which will be held on Halloween.  If you have not visited the page, the url is  ENJOY!

Glendon Place New Releases Sept. 2013

Castle Le Creep
Castle Le Creep
Whooligan's Hangout
Whooligan's Hangout
Toil and Trouble
Toil and Trouble
Come Said the Wind
Come Said the Wind

Egg Salad

You know how you have a busy day with one thing left on the agenda?  Then DH asks for egg salad.  You make the egg salad, have a sandwich and then begin watching a BBC drama. Next thing you know, you are ready for bed and think "holy crap, I forgot bingo"!  Well, that is how my evening was.  I greatly apologize for this and thank Terry J. A. for getting Paula online to call the bingo numbers.  Paula has sent me the winners and I will be sending out prizes.