Lost 1

I apologize for the confusion between the email I sent yesterday and the actual events and orphanage page.  I seem to have lost the "1" in the date for the fabric orphan adoption event in November.  It should have said November 16.  I did not re-send the email.  I have a fabric orphan email list of those that are particularly interested in these and will send them a notice later today to clarify things.
Speaking of email lists - I will also be catching up on my new registrations to The Stitchers' Village.  I have a process for merging them into the main email list.  This summer, I began sending out sections of the band fabric as a welcome in hopes of generating more sections.  I have gotten one!  I also received one back with a note explaining that she appreciated the thought, but would not have time to stitch one and was returning the fabric.  I have just gotten a new roll of the fabric, so I can resume sending these out into the universe hoping to get stitched sections back in the mail.
I order the band fabric from Fleur de Paris in California. They also distribute needlepoint canvases, so I get a little side-tracked when I visit their website.  But, I shall confess - it does not take much to side-track me.  I am looking at the opalescent raw linen Belfast.  I tried to scan it to share with you how pretty and gold sparkly it is, but the picture did not do it justice.  The picture actually looks pretty "blah".  Believe me, it is very Christmas ornament gold!

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