2013 Year End

As 2013 is coming to a close, it brings us to consider our projects for next year.  I will be working on my Viking Ruby sewing machine to add some fun to my creative processes.  Hopefully, I will learn the features and have some projects to share in the coming months.
Please let me know if there are any stitch along projects you would like to see in the upcoming year.

Stitcher Down!

What does a stitcher do when one arm is protesting the amount of stitching done recently?  Look enviously at the photos posted in the social area of the stitching others are doing!  I have a frozen shoulder on my right side.  This is so very frustrating.  Painful, too, but mainly painful because I need to rest it and hold off stitching for a while.  I moved my computer mouse to the left side and am getting pretty good at that.  I try not to type too much two-handed.  My next move?  Picture me sitting behind a floor stand trying to stitch left handed.  It will be slow going, but I will be stitching!!

Grand Prize Winners

The two names drawn to receive the grand prizes are:  Wendy Y. and Kathy W.  Congratulations!
The six names drawn in the online chat evening event are:  Anita R., Donna H., Ev L., Jill W., Alana D., and Theresa S.  We had a lot of participation in the chat and it was a lot of fun.  It can be a bit difficult to keep up on the chat when the comments are posting bing, bing, bing!!!

Thanks to all the members who make TSV a great community!

Day 12 of The Stitchers' Village 12 Days of Christmas Event

It seems impossible that we are on the last day of our event.  There is one last drawing to be held.  There will be two winners of prize packages from The Stitchers' Village which will include:

Lizzie Kate - Holly & Hearts Sampler with fabric and thread
Patricia Allison Designs - The Guardian
Stitching Parlour - Persuasion
Rosewood Manor - Branches of Life
Praiseworthy Stitches - Santa's Midnight Flight
Willow Hill Samplings - My Family Tree
Just Another Button Company - Sew Charming Pin Cushion Kit Bluebird
Priscilla's Pocket - Lucet Pocket kit
A Kitty Kats Original - Christmas Chickadee
Satin Stitches - Cinnamon
Summer House Stiche Workes - Calico Sampler No. 1
Glendon Place - Limited Edition Fruit Cocktail Mini A-Maze-ing Dessert kit w/ LE thread
Little House Needleworks - Daisy Lane Cottage
Little House Needleworks - Little Sheep Virtues 8, 9, 10, & 11

The event page can be found if you CLICK HERE 
To be entered, you need to send an email to enter@stitchersvillage.com
You only need to enter once and if you entered the first day or during the event,
you are entered for this drawing.  Cut off time is 4 p.m. Central Time

Day 8 & 9 Winners

The names drawn to win a Rosewood Manor chart for Day 8 (which I hosted) are:
Joyce H.
Robin D.
Robin T.
Dee W.
Donna K.
Pam H
Pam M.
Helen D.
The names drawn to win a From Nancy's Needle chart for Day 9 (which I hosted) are:
Lynda H.
Christine F.
Georgette G.
Tammy C.
Challis I.
Helen K.
Cindi J.
Glenys K.

All winners have been sent an email.  All prizes through day 6 have been mailed.  This applies to the days which I hosted.  The designers will contact the winners from their drawings directly.  Day 10 was Dames of the Needle and today is Day 11 which is hosted by X's and Ohs on Jo's "Tips" blog. CLICK HERE 

I am waiting for a few more replies with addresses before I can finish the mailings for days 8 and 9.  It took quite a while to draw 17 names for the two drawings.  But I have made a list and will check it twice!  I also have been having trouble with my mail label/postage program.  I have found that it does not work well if I try to import the address book from Outlook.  Sometimes, the idea is great, but the actual execution is flawed on these "time saving" software programs.  They should give a refund when the update cause it to stop working and it is no longer saving time!!

Day 6 Winners

Today is Day 7 of The 12 Days of Christmas on The Stitchers' Village and is hosted by Erin Dekker Raatjes of Myrtle Grace Motifs on her blog http://www.myrtlegrace.blogspot.com.
The 6 winners of the "Red Book of Sampler Stitches" book from Day 6 are:  Sherry, Sue B., Laurel P., Lois H., Kim C., and Shaunterria.  I have emailed the winners, so if you are in doubt, check your email.
Thank you for posting your kind comments yesterday and for participating in the 12 Days event.  Don't forget bingo tonight!!  There will be 4 prizes of the Lizzie Kate "Holly & Hearts" sampler.  All four will have the thread packs and two will have fabric.  Have a wonderful Saturday!!

On the 6th Day of Christmas. . .

Will The Stitchers' Village give to you - a "Red Book of Sampler Stitches".  To enter today's drawing to be one of six members who will receive this book, simply post a comment here on this blog post!!  Any greeting will do!!  Then send a quick email to enter@stitchersvillage.com .  The six winners will be drawn later tonight and posted tomorrow morning.  This is a great reference book for your stitching library!!

Day 3 Winners

The winners of the Day 3 drawing of the 12 Days of Christmas on The Stitchers' Village are:  Meari, Shanna T., and Camille J.  They will each receive a Glendon Place "A-Maze-ing Dessert" chart with the thread pack. Today's event is sponsored by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery on their blog CLICK TO VISIT  They have also provided a complimentary chart for members that has been added to the event page on the main site of The Stitchers' Village.  stitchersvillage.com/2013XMAS.htm


Day 2 Winners - Thank You Ship's Manor!

The Day 2 drawings were held by Erik Shipley of Ship's Manor Designs.  The prize was a Christmas tree needle minder and two names were drawn - Sarah M. and Lorraine C.  Congratulations to them!  And a great big "THANK YOU" to Erik.  We appreciate the designers who support our community.

To see Erik's needle minders, visit his blog:  shipsmanor.blogspot.com

1st Day Drawing Winner

Pandora G. is the 1st winner of the 12 Days of Christmas on The Stitchers' Village.  She will receive a fabric "orphan" from Picture This Plus.
The activity for Day 2 is hosted by Ships Manor Designs on Erik's blog - shipsmanor.blogspot.com

12 Days of Christmas Event

Today begins the 12 Days of Christmas event on The Stitchers' Village site.  If you visit the main page (http://stitchersvillage.com) and click on the Christmas tree in the center of the Village, it will take you to the event page.  Along with this page, an email will be sent each day to announce a special activity for the day. Some designers are participating by hosting drawings on their sites during the event.  These will be announced in the email that day.  The drawing prize from TSV for the first day is a fabric "orphan" from Picture This Plus.