Day 8 & 9 Winners

The names drawn to win a Rosewood Manor chart for Day 8 (which I hosted) are:
Joyce H.
Robin D.
Robin T.
Dee W.
Donna K.
Pam H
Pam M.
Helen D.
The names drawn to win a From Nancy's Needle chart for Day 9 (which I hosted) are:
Lynda H.
Christine F.
Georgette G.
Tammy C.
Challis I.
Helen K.
Cindi J.
Glenys K.

All winners have been sent an email.  All prizes through day 6 have been mailed.  This applies to the days which I hosted.  The designers will contact the winners from their drawings directly.  Day 10 was Dames of the Needle and today is Day 11 which is hosted by X's and Ohs on Jo's "Tips" blog. CLICK HERE 

I am waiting for a few more replies with addresses before I can finish the mailings for days 8 and 9.  It took quite a while to draw 17 names for the two drawings.  But I have made a list and will check it twice!  I also have been having trouble with my mail label/postage program.  I have found that it does not work well if I try to import the address book from Outlook.  Sometimes, the idea is great, but the actual execution is flawed on these "time saving" software programs.  They should give a refund when the update cause it to stop working and it is no longer saving time!!

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