Stitcher Down!

What does a stitcher do when one arm is protesting the amount of stitching done recently?  Look enviously at the photos posted in the social area of the stitching others are doing!  I have a frozen shoulder on my right side.  This is so very frustrating.  Painful, too, but mainly painful because I need to rest it and hold off stitching for a while.  I moved my computer mouse to the left side and am getting pretty good at that.  I try not to type too much two-handed.  My next move?  Picture me sitting behind a floor stand trying to stitch left handed.  It will be slow going, but I will be stitching!!


  1. I have also experienced a frozen shoulder and it is NO fun. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Hope your shoulder is feeling better, I know what your going thru. Been there done that.