Nashville 2014

Above is a new release from a new designer, Lindsay Lane Designs.  I had a chance to visit with her and am very excited to share this discovery.  When I brought it back to show Marilyn, I told her that it really made me think of a drawing on a chalk board.  She pointed out the text at the bottom of the front cover of the chart - "Come the Spring" #1 in the Chalkboard Series.  I do tend to be less than thorough in my examination of things, at times.  However, when I told Meg (the designer) she was pleased that her artistic intent came through.
I have attended the wholesale market with Marilyn of Picture This Plus for many years.  We returned home yesterday from the Nashville market which is held in an Embassy Suites hotel.  Vendors set up their booths in their rooms and it is a community environment that is a lot of fun.  Below are a couple of pictures of the set up process for Marilyn's fabric display.

Our next door neighbor was Cheryl from Glendon Place and here is a picture of her display window with her three new Deserts: "Rainbow Parfait", "Fudgy Mint Mousse", and "Red Velvet Cake"

And a star at the show was Rosewood Manor's "Autumn Quaker"


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the new releases. I think the designers went all out this year with the new designs

  2. I LOVE all three of the new Desserts - Cheryl really created some great pieces there! And my whole local group has been ewwwing & Ahhhhing over that Autumn Quakers (which is really making Winter Quakers holler at me from the drawer)! Between those two ladies and Tracy at Ink Circles, I am NEVER gonna get all of these done!

  3. Love the design and colours of RMAQ. Beautiful!