Think Spring!

I was looking out at our last round of snow (I hope it's the last) and saw this female cardinal at one of the feeders in my yard.  There are two on stakes and the squirrels have managed to pull this one down.  I always have my camera at hand and had to try for a picture of this furry looking bird.  I wasn't even sure what it was when I first looked out.  Thanks to my little Sony Cybershot I get fairly good pictures through my window!
As I was stitching and watching tv one evening, I heard an owl, looked up, and could see it outside in a tree.  The lighting was not great, but I managed to get this picture and a video.

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  1. Great shots! How lucky to get to see the owl - I hear them here every now & then, but only very late at night and too far away to even bother looking for.