Baroque Beauties Collection from Glendon Place

The latest releases from Glendon Place are these stylized floral designs:


"Elizabeth", "Katherine", "Isabel", and "Millicent" are "A new floral collection inspired by the artistic style of the 1600-and-1700's.  Baroque was a period of artistic style (from 1600 to about 1750) that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, music, and especially fashion.  Baroque in fashion was ruled by indulgence and ornate embellishments, much like the lush brocade fabrics of the kings and queens.  Consequently, these floral designs do not look like traditional flowers, but are intentionally much more glitzy and use embellishments of metallic threads, beads, and crystal treasures.  The names for these designs were selected based upon popular women's names during that time period."


  1. I am really trying to ignore these; Cheryl has come up with yet ANOTHER beautiful series of designs that my local group is all ewwwing & ahhhing over :) And not one of us has finished a Dessert yet! And get a load of the BEADS on these!!!!

  2. These are so pretty! It is just not right to have such awesome charts put in front of me! Now I have to make a choice, to abstain from cocktails over the next month or order these charts! I am leaning toward the charts right now and anyone in the village who knows me also knows that that's a major problem for me! LOL! Love 'em!