New Use for Threads

I have always been a little interested in weaving, but knew that a loom would take time to learn and I have not had the time to set aside.  So, I happened upon the "Zoom Loom" which makes these approximately 4" squares.  There are lots of ways to use them in projects.  I was curious to see if there is a way to create an ornament by combining the woven square with stitching, beads, and whatever else might be on hand. 

The pink one is very delicate and it is made from a Planet Earth Fiber Silk Opal "Lillies 144".  The light off-white/speckled is a Baby Bee yarn "Pink Camo".  The blue and the golden one on the loom are both Caron Watercolours using all 3 plies and are "Blue Lavender" and "Tobacco".  The yarn version pulls back a little smaller and tighter as the yarn is stretchier and a bit heavier.  The Watercolours overdyed colors weave to a beautiful piece.  The Silk Opal would have to be starched or would need to be attached to something a bit more substantial.  I plan to keep experimenting.  These were all done from the remainders of skeins I used in projects and had in my miscellaneous basket.  If you try this or have done something with the Zoom Loom squares, please share!


  1. These examples are really nice, Patty! Where can one fine the Zoom Loom? Keep experimenting and learning; it's good to help aging stay away!

  2. Doing a search, I find them listed at Joann's. I got mine online, but intend to see if they are in my local store the next time I go. The "Tobacco" color Caron Watercolour thread is so pretty woven like this. There are so many beautiful threads and it was fun to find another way to "play" with them. I also tried to use different needles while weaving these. When you get to the last row it can be difficult to feed it through. I found the best way was to use the short needle that comes with it to guide the main (long) needle to the right spot at the end of the rows.