Fabric Orphans

Ok, all is ready to go for the fabric orphanage this morning.  How, you ask, do I let go of these once they are in my possession?  It is difficult.  I have to press them before photographing.  This makes me really look at the colors and patterning of each piece and I can usually think of something that would be perfect to stitch on them.
What do you think of "Sedge"?

Would you say truly unique?  Homely?  That is part of the fun of the orphanage.  This time, I have attempted to give hints of color by providing a "DMC Color Hint" with corresponding DMC thread color numbers.  Monitors can vary greatly and, although I try to take pictures in natural light, it was cloudy yesterday.  I have also provided 2 sizes of larger images for each orphan.  Clicking on the thumbnail image on the page will take you to a slightly larger image.  Then, by typing LG after the name in the browser address, you are taken to an even larger image.  (example:  sledge.jpg becomes sledgeLG.jpg) I hope that helps with the decision making process, but it will slow it down a bit.  This event is fast and furious with people vying for the "most popular" orphans.  The majority of the fabrics are linen 28 this time and there are 24 orphans up for adoption.  Hope to see you there!  For info or to participate, see the orphan page at

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