Mad Dash

This weekend the TNNA has their Fall market in St. Charles, MO.  I planned to take off Friday morning, but my sister called and said she would go along, so we left after she got off of work Friday.  The drive was hampered by heavy rains, but we made it in and I was able to the meetings on Saturday morning before the opening of the show. 
Below is one find that, if you are a Beatles fan, will delight you!
On its own, this is a very pretty design.  To discover that this is the second design in Blackbird Designs "Magical Mystery Tour" series was priceless!  So far, there are six designs.  The sixth, being "The Long and Winding Road" which is also the third in their Sewing Box series. 
Along with attending the meetings, my goal was to have a moment to visit with the designers to enlist them for the "Village Home" series.  Hopefully, this will be a long term series with all of our favorite designers joining in.  I had the opportunity to make a few purchases besides the BBD series.  So much creativity in one place!!  I may have given as well as received some creative inspiration.  If I see that some of the designers are able to use ideas I offered while visiting them, I will be sure to point them out!! 
We planned to be home in good time Saturday evening and left in the early afternoon.  I did not get the chance to talk with everyone on my list, but that is because they were busy when I stopped by and that is a good thing!  I am just grateful that I was able to catch some at the right moment as I had some very productive visits and you should see the results coming in the near future!

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  1. Glad to hear you found someone to drive with! Do me a favor, stop posting fabulous charts with so many memories attached to them. I am on my way to BBD now, you evil enabler!