This is a good representation of how my mind feels at the moment.  When the first of the month rolls around and I have "finished" the newsletter, uploading the newsletter, sending the email, etc., I always have the doubt that I have done everything.  Did I put everything in the events calendar?  Did I post here, did I note there?  I am also, generally, inspired during this time as I look over what is happening in the Village.  The picture above shows the "orts" from the stitching of the first in the "Village Home" series of designs.  The designer statement which applies to this design is: 

“My Village Home would be in the middle of an English garden loaded with beautiful flowers.”  

Can you guess the designer?  If you would like to try and at the same time enter the August drawing, send an email with your name and address and designer name as the subject to: enter@stitchersvillage.com  by August 31, 2014.  There will be 3 names drawn to receive the first 3 designs (as they are released) of the "Village Home" series.  This is a series of designs from different designers to give an element or theme showing what their home in the village would encompass.  These will be very personal treats from some of your favorite designers.  The first release is coming September 1, 2014 and will be available for sale in the shops of TSV!!

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  1. Great minds look alike, Patty! I am curious as to how you got this picture of my mind!