Village Home Series

The Village Home Series of designs will be from a variety of designers.  Each will give their personal statement of what their home in the Village would be.  The first design is "English Garden" from Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor.  "My Village Home would be in the middle of an English garden loaded with beautiful flowers".

The second design is "Best Friends Forever" from Cheryl Granda of Glendon Place. "My Village Home would be where best friends gather".

The third design is "Village Square" from Tracy Horner of Ink Circles. "My Village Home is in a small town full of parks and trees and flowers.  I can easily walk to the bookstore, the stitching shop, and the pub". (available November 2014)

These are intended to be a personal message to the stitchers from your favorite designers.  They are available from the shops of TSV.