Contests on TSV

You may have noticed that there are several contests currently running on TSV.  I have been inspired by some artistic group events that I recently saw online.  I hope that the contests will inspire the many Village members who are so very talented and creative to participate and share their art on TSV.  I also have a boat load of prizes on hand and am seeking ways in which I might engage more members to participate and have a chance of receiving some of the treasure.  If you want to see the details of the current contests, visit and click on the upper menu under "Activities" then "Member Contest" (guess I should change that title to plural) or and either go to the Forum under the Events topic if you are a registered member.

November 2014 Fabric Orphan Event

It is taking a bit of time for me to adjust to the new ways of doing things on The Stitchers' Village!  I finally figured out how to get the orphans listed last night (I procrastinate).  I had everything ready but the page setup.  After my coffee and Captain Crunch this morning, I changed it a couple of times and I hope the result is satisfactory.
It is sad that there are always a few "ugly ducklings" that are left after these events.  I have a collection of them and will have to have an ugly duckling event at some point.  What do you think?  To see what is going on, the Fabric Orphanage page is always up.  When there is an event, there will be a link to the "live" page.  Click for the page.
Would you consider this one "Horst" an ugly duckling?

#3 in the Village Home Series

"Village Square" is from Tracy Horner of Ink Circles.  "My village home is in a small town full of parks and trees and flowers. I can easily walk to the bookstore, the stitching shop, and the pub."  This is a great addition to the series!!